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Couch to Couch Gigs

The Corona Virus crisis provided the inspiration for Live from the Couch. Many musicians and entertainers utilised their social media feeds to stay connected with their fans. We also saw many people stay connected with family and friends using technology. Live from the couch aims to connect entertainers with fans and provide the opportunity to gain an additional revenue stream.

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It's all about you.

Doing live streams n Facebook is awesome to build a community of fans, and joining Live from the Couch provides the opportunity to commercialise for another stream of revenue. 

You become your own event manager, having full control of your streaming events.  When creating your event you can use our ticketing system, or add an external link to your own ticketing stystem. Upload your details, videos, and images and get ready to welcome your new followers.

Doing a free stream? Free tickets will always be free. Your stream benefits by another marketing channel with the potential to increase your followers. Again use an external link into your social media or website, or use our ticketing system for free.

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In the comfort of your own home, you can enjoy your own concerts delivered by a wide variety of entertainers and professionals. We encourage theme days from our performers to enable easier searching for you

By booking through Live from the Couch you are supporting artists everywhere and enjoying the convenience of your own home concert venue. A great night in and a great reward for the performers

Music, Comedy, Games nights even personal development is catered for at Live from the Couch. 

Image Acknowledgement

Images used on the official pages have been licenced for use through Istock subscription, or used with great gratitude from https://unsplash.com/ Images used by our vendors are their own.

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