Donations and Tips

How to Create Donations and Tips

Our belief in creating this site is that artists and performers have the right to be paid for their performance, but we also acknowledge that some of you may be uncomfortable with this.  This article walks you through some of the basics around creating donations and tips for your performance. Donations  We would encourage you, […]

How to get paid

How to get Paid

How Payment Works Our internal ticketing platform takes many of the headaches away for performers. It allows you to accept payment, professionally and transparently. The transaction is handled by Live from the Couch and once finalised payment is made to you via either your bank or Paypal accounts. Your Dashboard Your dashboard has everything needed […]

Create an event at Live from the Couch

How to Create an Event on Live from the Couch

Demystify Event Process In this video, we walk through the event creation process. Seriously, this will take you less than five minutes to set your events up at Live From the Couch. Curly walks through all of your options and showcases the event along the way. Register Today

Create and Update Your Profile on Live from the Couch

Completing Your Profile This video walks you through the steps to take to complete your profile. Your profile is important as it enables you to share your contact details and your social media links. It also allows you to place a profile photo to allow your customers to connect with you. Watch the video as […]

Theme Days

Embracing Theme Days

One of the ways in which we help our audience decide on your streaming entertainment is to help co-ordinator theme concepts. We encourage our artists to embrace the theme concepts in their event tags as they are searchable for our customers. In this article, we will share some of the themes we will initially encourage […]

The Power of Recurring Events

Being empowered to run your own events is one thing. Making it an easy and effective to do so is another. We have spent time in ensuring our platform makes life easier for our online streaming community. One of the best ways we do this is with the power recurring events, where you as the […]

Marketing Tips to Build Your Base

In our marketing tips, we aim to provide you some solid advice to help you build the additional revenue stream that live streaming can provide for you. Live from the Couch has it’s own marketing strategy supported by our friends at Your Digital Solution, the benefits of combining our marketing will help us support you. […]

What Should I Stream

What Should I Stream?

In this article, we explore the opportunities available for you to stream. We believe the sky is indeed the limit. We know that when artists engage with their fans on social media, the connection created is strong. We also know that fans love the “behind the scenes” or “under the hood” content and believe this […]

What equipment do i need

What Do I Need to Stream?

In this article, we examine the equipment for you to produce a streaming event. Further articles will focus on advanced setup, but in this article, we share some of the equipment that we have been using to stream. While big production obviously helps presentation, we don’t want you to be intimidated by it. To provide […]