Theme Days

Embracing Theme Days

One of the ways in which we help our audience decide on your streaming entertainment is to help co-ordinator theme concepts. We encourage our artists to embrace the theme concepts in their event tags as they are searchable for our customers. In this article, we will share some of the themes we will initially encourage and how it helps both artists and audiences alike.

Friday Night In #fridaynightin

Instead of braving the world on a Friday night, sometimes we just crave to stay inside, but still enjoy ourselves. Our Friday night in theme enables musicians and our games night hosts to promote their events as an alternative to going out on a Friday night. What could a Friday night in look like for you?

Sunday Session #sundaysession

Chilling in your own backyard or back deck, watching an acoustic artist weave their magic. How good does that sound? The sun is shining, your drinks are cold and you may even have something cooking away on the bbq. A Sunday Session is as Australian as it gets, and what is better than having one in your own home.

Saturday Night Dancin’ #saturdaynightdancin

The weekend party may look very different in the future. Once upon a time it was the domain of the radio request shows. Now it is probably the domain of the music streaming platforms, but imagine if you will a big screen TV, maybe a couple of big screen TV’s, featuring a band playing live for you. Imagine that band playing live from the couch for parties all around the world. Maybe it’s not a band, but a DJ lighting it up. 

So how does that sound for starters? Maybe they may not appeal but what about?

  • Weekday Yoga
  • Meeting of the Minds
  • Monday Funday
  • Thursday Trivia
  • Drinks Friyay
  • Wednesday Night on the Town at Home

Please feel free to add to the conversation as we see the themes as being of major benefit to artist and audience alike.






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