13 Tuesday

Weekday Yoga w/Flexible Sue

Tue, April 13, 2021 - Sun, August 1, 2021 (10:00 am - 11:00 am) UTC+10


Weekday Yoga with Flexible Sue. Daily Yoga Classes to help you get through the day. Follow the link to register and pay. Minimum donation $1

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE EVENT, that links to a payment page where the customer has a choice to pay anything over a minimum amouny, in this case $1. This is an event that recurrs daily.

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Please Note the video has been chosen randomly from publicly available YouTube Videos.

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Test Pilot
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Hi, I will publish ideas for the performers and to provide insight into potential ideas for performance opportunities. I will also be sharing the various options for the events for you to see and test first hand. Please bear in mind, these are not REAL EVENTS. Booking tickets will be possible, so please don't book.

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