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You may have been doing live streams to stay connected to your fan base. Streaming has exploded with COVID (10 times more Google search requests), people are now accustomed to streaming and watching from home. Think about doing a live gig and streaming to a new audience as a new income stream. Our platform is all about the performer and you now have great options to build your live streaming revenue. Make sure you register as a vendor

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If you want to post events you must choose a package plan. We have a range of plans based on an annual fee that enables you to post and sell tickets to your events. This is a small cost that covers some of our administration and confirms our event managers remain active. Your only other cost is the cost per ticket which covers our transaction fees and marketing budget. All prices on the site exclude GST which is added at the checkout. YOu have the ability to link to an external website as well if you don't want to use the convenience of our internal ticketing.

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It's easy to submit your event. Simply click on the Create Event Button and be guided through the process. You will have a series of TABS to work through starting with the basic details, ticketing, calendar, and coupon details. Creating recurring events is available making it even more effective for you.

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We have articles and videos to help you in every aspect of setting up your Live From the Couch business. The marketplace you see is simply the first step in our plans for Live From the Couch. You can see our training videos and links to our plans here. And if all that scares you, we are available to help guide you

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