Donations and Tips

How to Create Donations and Tips

Our belief in creating this site is that artists and performers have the right to be paid for their performance, but we also acknowledge that some of you may be uncomfortable with this.  This article walks you through some of the basics around creating donations and tips for your performance.


We would encourage you, if you were looking for a donation or pay what you want scenario to utilise a payment page service. Paypal offers a donation service where people can donate to a verified business account. On top of that, you can work with a payment cart service and offer a pay what you want plan for your customers. This is shown in our example event for the Weekday Yoga.

In this example, we have a Zoho SecurePay payment page set up to accept donations over $1. Zoho Secure Pay offer a free plan which includes 50 payments. Prices then go to about ten bucks a month.

Additionally, you could simply set a range of ticket prices using the internal ticketing prices starting with a free ticket, then a $5, and then a $10. You may also want to add a higher price ticket with some of your merchandise.


Stage 2 of our development will include our own streaming platform and a tipping platform will be included so your audience can tip as they enjoy the show.

In the meantime, we would recommend Paypal at the moment for your tips, using the donation process as a method. People can simply send tips to your Paypal account and some bans allow that as well.

Additionally some platforms provide this, with YouTube Superchats, and Streamlabs providing a tipping platform. Our aim at this stage is to kepe it simple. Having a sign behind your performance with your Paypal Email address is the simplest way to have the option of tipping during your performance. We will continue to research throughout and will update this post as we do.

Photo by Markus Winkler on Unsplash


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