How to get paid

How to get Paid

How Payment Works

Our internal ticketing platform takes many of the headaches away for performers. It allows you to accept payment, professionally and transparently. The transaction is handled by Live from the Couch and once finalised payment is made to you via either your bank or Paypal accounts.

Your Dashboard

Your dashboard has everything needed for your online streaming events. This is where you will see all of your sales and booking for your events. This is where you set up your profile, your payment method, and create your events. You can either set up for bank payment or via Paypal. There may be fees associated with payment, especially with Paypal. Please check with your providers.

Pricing and Payment

You are in control of your pricing for the events. You also have the control not to use our internal ticketing services, by providing an external link. Using our internal ticketing is a great option to avoid the hassles of providing payment options and creates a good user experience. You take 80% of the proceeds of the event which is paid to you 5 business days after finalisation of the event.

GST and Tax Invoices

All prices set are exclusive of GST. (Goods and Services Tax) GST is added at checkout. We collect the GST for the Australian Government and reported quarterly on our BAS statement.

If you are GST registered we will require your ABN

Five days after the event we will send you a GST Tax invoice for 80% of the NET sales from the event. If you are GST registered, GST will be added to the Tax Invoice. Please add your order number to the Tax Invoice and send back. Once received back, your payment is authorized and payment made

Any Questions

We are here to support you. Any queries please reach out.

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