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Introduction to Streaming with Zoom


Entering the world of streaming live gigs with Zoom need not be as daunting as what it seems. We believe that Zoom will be one of the first platforms you should be endeavoring to use. It allows performers to protect your stream with a password and a dedicated URL for your Zoom Room.

First Things First

You will need a Zoom account. There is a free version and paid levels of membership. The free version is adequate for most beginners, but you will be limited to shows of less than 40 minutes. Paid levels of membership remove this limitation. Head to Zoom to set up your account. 

You will need some basic equipment to use Zoom and a great place to start is by reviewing our article on the best equipment to get you started

Scheduling Your Sessions

You can schedule your sessions in advance. When you set up the session, ensure you tick the boxes for the password and waiting room as that gives you control over who enters the room and who doesn’t.  That way you maintain security over the audience.

Another tip is to check that the right microphone and webcam has been selected to default. Purchasing a nice 1080p webcam, and streaming with a built-in 720p will diminish the experience for your audience. And You can only imagine what the inbuilt microphone will do for your sound quality. Attention to detail is so important.

During the Session

The key to a great session is you should not do it alone. You should concentrate on the music and someone else should be there to manage your tech. In a basic sense, they should concentrate on these tasks.

  • Allowing people in from the waiting room, allowing you to welcome them in.
  • Conversing through the chat window. Getting them engaged and to encourage the audience to converse through the chat window.
  • Muting the audience when you perform and unmuting between songs, so you as the performer can obtain some visual and verbal feedback
  • Watch out for any internet gremlins and any dropouts in the audience and for them to re-appear in the waiting.

Remember, you should concentrate on your performance and creating the best possible experience for your audience.






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