Marketing Tips to Build Your Base

In our marketing tips, we aim to provide you some solid advice to help you build the additional revenue stream that live streaming can provide for you. Live from the Couch has it’s own marketing strategy supported by our friends at Your Digital Solution, the benefits of combining our marketing will help us support you. Before you think about investing in marketing, invest time in building your base by understanding these key elements.

Know Who You Are?

We all have our own authentic selves, and we all have our performer self. Sometime they may be one and the same, other times they are clearly different. Whether it’s a music show, a trivia night host, r a comedian, it’s important to identify the uniqueness of what you offer and the person that you are as a performer.

Belief is that the best performers don’t deviate too far from who you authentically are. How you create the mix is largely your decision but it’s important you understand who you are as a performer.

Know Your Ideal Audience

It’s important to understand who you are targetting as your audience. This is vital to maximise your marketing investment When I talk about investment, I mean time and/ or money. When you are unclear about your target market, you waste time trying to be everything to everybody. That’s a sure-fire way to waste your valuable resources and become disillusioned.

Knowing your customer helps you speak with them with your message and have that message resonate with them. That’s vitally important.

Know Where They Hang Out

Marketing can be described simply as getting your message right and getting it in front of the right people. So knowing where your people are is pretty important to get your message in front of them.

How well can you articulate your ideal audience and where can you find the? Seeing we are an online streaming platform, it makes sense to find your ideal audience online. 

So these are our first tips to help you with your marketing for your new streaming revenue business.






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