Streaming Options

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We explain a number of different options available to set up as a streaming option with further advice on how to provide a quality experience for your members and punters. Streaming does not have an expensive option to set up, and a quality experience can be attained with some know-how. 

Live from the Couch

Free Event Streaming

Most Popular Streaming Options

Facebook is the number one live streaming service in the world and many entertainers have used this service to stay connected with their followers. Ideal service for Free Events although with a bit of play around you could create a private group for each event if you wanted to use it as a paid broadcast. You can use Smart Phone, Tablet or desktop with webcams. Third party products also allow greater control

Periscope is the Twitter live streaming option and one of the original streaming platform. Streams can be made private or public, giving you the option to use as a free or a paid event. Only Smart Phone application

YouTube is a popular streaming platform for YouTube Live. A great option for free events and you also have the ability to make a stream private opening up the opportunity to use as a paid event

A very popular live streaming platform limited by mobile phone use. Free events only as the ability to protect your feed is quite a process having to invite followers.

Password Protected Streaming

For your Paid Events

A powerful streaming tool that can be used to stream to other social media platforms. Part of the Vimeo Premium package and may be considered expensive. Streaming can be protected through Vimeo privacy tools

Zoom is the meeting software that gained huge prominence during COVID and there are a number of similar products available. Paid membership allows up to 100 people to join and your stream 

Custom option software allows you to build what you want and need. Multi-camera, different filters. Search for your custom streaming options