The Power of Recurring Events

Being empowered to run your own events is one thing. Making it an easy and effective to do so is another. We have spent time in ensuring our platform makes life easier for our online streaming community. One of the best ways we do this is with the power recurring events, where you as the artist can create an event that recurs over time.

What Sort of Events Should Recur

Imagine you are a yoga instructor who wants to run a weekly class on a Monday morning targetting mums after they drop the kids at school. You have the ability to set that event once and simply make it a recurring event, every Monday at 9.30.

What if you and a friend, got together every month for a jam on the back veranda. You plan it for the first Sunday of the month, so you set it up as a recurring event.

So any event that you hold on a regular and ongoing basis, that event can be set up as a recurring event, providing so many advantages to you

Benefits of Recurring Events

The benefits for you as the performer can not be overstated.

  • Your event is set up once and can run for an indefinite period of time depending only on how long you want it to run for. 
  • Your event is always current and displayed on Live from the Couch
  • The URL never changes. Think of the advantages from a marketing perspective, it’s the same URL that stays current
  • If you do need to make some changed, edits are easy and you don’t have to start again.

Get Onboard

The opportunity to have events recur is a major benefit for your online streaming opportunities. It’s available now to help you grow your revenue. 

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