What Should I Stream

What Should I Stream?

In this article, we explore the opportunities available for you to stream. We believe the sky is indeed the limit. We know that when artists engage with their fans on social media, the connection created is strong. We also know that fans love the “behind the scenes” or “under the hood” content and believe this creates opportunities for revenue. Let’s look at some opportunities.

Home Gig

A home gig, funnily enough, a gig that is streamed direct from your home, be it the couch, the garage, or the back deck.  We see this as the mainstay of our platform and enables you to have complete control of the customer experience.

Back Stage

Doing a Q&A or a conversation with your fans backstage of a gig is another idea that may be useful. Whether that includes an acoustic set or not, depends on what sort of a fan base you may have. Backstage, is behind the scenes at his best.


One out of left field is to invite your customers into a rehearsal space. It may be with a band, imagine how privileged your fans would see getting an insight into the dynamics of your group at rehearsal.

Request Shows

Interaction at it’s best is the request show. A two-way interaction with your fans seeking requests and feedback and then playing them. Again, something special for the fans and something unique.

Stream Your Live Shows

It’s great we have live music happening again at pubs and clubs, but could you add another income stream by streaming it as well? We think this is a goer, but we will leave that decision to you. There are some things to consider, so please use your due diligence on this, especially if the venue has a policy in place.


There are some pretty amazing buskers around the world. Is it possible, for you to set up a free streaming show with signage detailing your streaming customers how to tip? Could you take your busking show to the world?

These are just some suggestions on shows that may build a new customer base and a revenue stream. Can you make it work?






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